Comcast DVR cable box DUI Du1 error code.

Apparently comcast's motorola dvr box does not support DVI yet.  That is what the code stands for.  It can only disply dui or du1 on it's box.  It stands for DVI.  It means the dvr and tv cannot communicate.  Eventually the DVR will freeze and the only way to reset it is to unplug it for 1 minute and plug it back in.  The solution is easy, don't use an HDMI or DVI cable.  I used one of the component cables (the ones with five wires, three for video, two for audio) and the dvr started working again.  Make sure you actually unplug the DVI/HDMI cable from the box and tv.
Good luck!


  1. MrScience -- I doubt that it doesn't support DVI/HDMI today; it is more likely that the TV and set-top box are not negotiating the HDMI protocol correctly. See

  2. This may be just a bit late (just a little, lol) but a good bit of info that solves this without having to resort to component cables. While the cable box is off, press the menu button on the remote or front panel of the box. After a few seconds a configuration menu will appear giving you a selection of resolutions to pick from, among other things. Make sure your TV type is set correctly (16:9 for widescreen, 4:3 for square). Set the HDMI/YPbPr to 720p if 1080 shows a blank screen. That should fix it, otherwise try 480i or 480p but that will give you just standard definition picture. Now go into the Additional HDMI settings menu and set HDMI/DVI mode to HDMI, color space to RGB, audio output to Auto. Go to the main page using the menu option at the bottom and you can set the 480 override to Stretch if you wish, which will eliminate the black bars at the sides of the screen on widescreen TVs, but the picture will be slightly out of shape on those channels broadcasting non-HD content.

    1. Chris, I personally know this, but probably 90% or more of Comcast customers don't know this.
      Your answer is better than the original stupid misinfoational blog post up there. ^^